Melavì apples have all the high quality characteristics that are typical of mountain apples. In particular, they boast good storability, thus the apples preserve their characteristic crispness and flavour for many months.

The quality of Valtellina apples is also due to the commitment of the many fruit-growers, who are committed to growing apples in a very suitable mountain environment, which is well exposed to sunlight.

Golden Delicious

A golden yellow apple with the characteristic "pink blush", features that are enhanced by the full sunlight ensured by the east-west trending Valtellina valley and the typical range of temperatures of mountain areas. It is a sweet, crunchy, very juicy apple that can be stored for many months. The apple is harvested from mid September to mid October.

Red Delicious

A fragrant, aromatic, juicy, bright coloured apple. The apple has an attractive, elongated shape with distinctive five points at the bottom of the fruit. It is harvested from September until the first few days of October.


A summer, bright red-pinkish apple with typical streaks, which is crunchy, very juicy, with a balanced and not very acidulous flavour. It is the first apple to mature in summer; in fact, it is harvested in August.


This streaked, red coloured apple, whose external appearance is not very attractive, is very tasty. It is rich in sugar, very crunchy, aromatic and stores well, even in homes. Fuji is a late-harvesting apple, which is harvested after the other varieties in October.


A dark red streaked apple of medium-large size with a flattened shaped. It is fresh on the palate and has a sweet-sour aroma. This late-ripening apple is harvested in October.

Granny Smith

An autumn apple of bright green colour with very light freckles. It has a strong acidulous and aromatic flavour. It is harvested starting from the second half of September up to October.